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1...........The following conversation
ensued between Akpos and his
Son: Daddy who is an idiot?
Akpos: an idiot is a person who
tries to explain his ideas in such
a way that another person who is
listening can’t understand him.
Do you understand me?
Son: No!
Akpos: what do you mean???
Son: I don't use to understand you whenever you explain things to me.

2........Akpos at Osu Police station
today. To his surprise, he saw a police
man on duty reading a Bible. So he went to the policeman and
asked, “Who killed Abel?” The policeman replied, “Ask
Inspector Yakubu. He is in
charge of murder cases.”

3........American President, Donald
Trump decided to paint the
White House and hence availed
the project for contractors
worldwide to send in their bid.
A Chinese contractor bided
3,000 USD, An European contractor says he
will need 7,000 USD for the job;

Akpos, an African contractor
who is based mainly in Ghana
and Nigeria says he will take
10,000 USD.
Each of the contractors was
asked to give details of their
Below is their budgets breakdown:

Chinese: 500 USD for painting
materials; 2,000 USD to pay my
workers and 500 USD as my
workmanship -I will hire 4 people.

European: 5,000 USD for
painting materials, equipment/
machinery; 1,000 USD for the
machine operator and 1000 USD
as my workmanship.

Akpos: (He whispered into the
president’s ear)- I will give you 4,000 USD; I will
take 3,000 USD as workmanship
and give the remaining 3,000
USD to the Chinese to complete the project.

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